Are You In A Relationship With Someone That WONT Support your Vision???


A lot of people are in a relationship with a person that loves them but won’t support their vision. Did we listen to God or did we pick someone that our eyes lusted for? When you go to God and ask him to send you someone he will find the person that will love and support you. He will bless you with someone that will grow with you and trust your vision. It’s easy to love someone when all the bills are paid and you are driving nice cars and taking vacations around the world, but what happens when God tells you to stop kicking it and start investing in your vision? What happens when you tell her she can’t have that new purse or get that hair done every week because you are using the money to build? or what about when the man wants a Lexus and you tell hi he has to get a Prius because God told you to start investing in your business? This is why it is so important to listen when you have confirmation of WHO is chosen to be your mate. When stuff is tight and you are eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will he/she complain that it’s not enough? Are women insulting their husbands because they feel like they are not getting the royal treatment? If you have a God sent supporter then go ahead and leave a comment and let them know you appreciate them! If you are waiting on The Lord leave a comment that says ‘Waiting’

Be Blessed!

40 thoughts on “Are You In A Relationship With Someone That WONT Support your Vision???

  1. you are so right Antoinette L. Carter or what about who gets to work on their goal first? What if we don’t have enough for both of is to get started. who has to wait and how long?

  2. That is one of the most difficult tasks to do is be in a relationship with different dreams and goals… or lack there of… it makes the relationship so strained. As if you’re spinning you wheels by yourself.

  3. you see I think when we are in young love we don’t really care because we aren’t even sure what we are called to do yet but it can’t be any division in the house when we are at our age. We have to support each other and raise each other up. it’s enough stress alone trying to do what you are called to do and we don’t want to come home and have to fight any resistance from the crib!!!!

  4. Kendrick Mickel I need your # again? inbox me? I been calling all my fam and just catching up and talking about life? we got to get it in one day this week fam

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