Teen gets 23 years in prison for killing a DOG!!!


Ivins Rosier, 17, and two other teens broke into the home of a Florida trooper and gunned down his retired K-9. The dog passed away several days after the burglary.

Rosier was convicted in May for the break-in and shoοting the five year old German Shepherd named Drake.

Although Rosier was only 16 when he broke into the home of trooper Robert Boody in 2012, Judge Robin Rosenberg said sentencing requirements left her little choice but to throw the book at the teen.

In addition, Rosier’s history with police didn’t help his case any.

During trial, Boody wept as he described coming home to find Drake lying in a pool of bloοd critically wounded. Drake’s injuries were so severe that he eventually had to be euthanized.

Rosier admitted to Palm Beach County police that he was the one who shοt Drake.



26 thoughts on “Teen gets 23 years in prison for killing a DOG!!!

  1. Everybody keeps looking at the fact that a dog was killed. His (delinquent kid’s) downfall comes with his extensive run-ins with the law that deemed it NECESSARY to give him that time. He wasn’t a first-time offender. A police-trained k-9 is valued at over 100k. Why is it that when a Black person gets a raw deal, we tend to overlook the crime that alludes to the time he’s given!? You don’t wanna do the time, then don’t do the crime!!! That dog was in his OWN personal domain. The dog wasn’t left unattended and attacked the boy on the street and got shot. READ (it’s fundamental) The judge MADE an example of a young Black kid that has had numerous run-ins with the law. (the number IS crazy) K-9 personnel are the same and regarded with same rights as “human” officers. The way I see it, don’t encourage your child’s menacing behaviors and they won’t end up in this kid’s shoes. Yeah, it’s sad, but the boy could have and WOULD HAVE taken a human life. He was reckless. Fed up with folks trying to run to the rescue of someone’s IGNORANCE. Googlenhim and see what else he’s been involved in that the judge deemed it necessary to hand out that kind of time.

  2. Agreed, but this is a situation where this kid was wrong on ALL fronts. If the trooper had been home and gunned this kid down, the trooper would be wrong for protecting his premises too, huh? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  3. Crazy to me because a black person can be killed and his killer will get 3,4,5,6,7 years… kill a dog, you get life… black people are less important than dogs

  4. Well if he is an officer and this is in florida, how come he didn’t get stsnd your ground??? With those dogs its either kill or be killed right and the law says it doesn’t matter who starts what, if you are in danger of your life you have the right to protect it by any means necessary…

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