Beats By Dre RECALL!!!!!

The Beats by Dre Headphones are being Recalled.

I was talking to a manager at Best Buy and he told me that they have orders for the Beats by Dre ‘Executive Edition’ to be Recalled. They even pulled it up in the system and it showed that they are on a Manufacture Recall. I’m mad because these are the BEST Beats on the market. I have the Executives and they are GREAT for travel. They were made to lay and fold flat for easy travel but the BEST part is that these are METAL and a lot of the other beats are PLASTIC and known for breaking easy. I’ve heard that folks are complaining about the weight of these from the METAL but I have a HUGE head so the extra weight doesn’t bother me!

Check out photos below of the executives and leave a comment letting me know what edition of Beats that you have





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