Phaedra Leaving Apollo? Is This Fair or Should She Stand By Her Man?


Apollo is speaking out about his marriage to Phaedra and he thinks his marriage won’t hold up while he is serving 8 years in prison. He says that she didn’t even come to the sentencing! Is she wrong for feeling this way?

84 thoughts on “Phaedra Leaving Apollo? Is This Fair or Should She Stand By Her Man?

  1. She chose to stay when he was out acting like that with kenya so thats not a reason but that fraud stuff was serious all I can say is pray God will lead her

  2. Well I just feel she made that choice to stay with him regardless of what he did so now that he is going why leave she didnt when he was out but I do agree with Florence Day as far as the fraud situation he put their family at risk I knew what my man was doing so I chose that she was blinded by it so I wouldnt leave for other reasons but if she does that would be why

  3. It depend on the circumstances. In their case, she shouldn’t wait! You can’t continuously mistreat a person and expect that same person to live by their vows. I believe the outcome of their marriage would be the same if he wasn’t facing jail time.

  4. Well I waited 7 and a half years if we chose not to be together it was our choice we agreed on certain things in our relationship and with God we got through it hes been home over a year and today is our 1 year wedding anniversary it can be done I am a witness We have a testimony

  5. Yessir. I sure would. That is her husband and she is his wife. Kisha Simmons cut it. You would wait. But your magnificent husband wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his family. Phaedra wasn’t naive to life but at the end of the day she had to focus on her. QUEEN.

  6. I KNOW I couldn’t. Women can go FOREVER without “it”. I’m not THAT kind of strong. She’d receive divorce papers. I was putting it out there. Sometimes we expect so much from a woman, that we don’t pay attention to the “what if tables were reversed” factor. Jason Stephens Sr. GREAT ANSWER.

  7. I could. I went a year without my Wife when I first moved to ATL. It sucked, but I got through it. 7 more would be tough, but I know Ja-Mere would be a hand full without his mother so I would be focused on him keeping his sanity!

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