The End of the CD! What’s Next?


When was the last time you walked into your favorite store and purchased a cd? How many CDs do you still own? I’m asking because lately I’ve been talking to music execs about what’s next? Cd sales are at an all time low and soon all CDs will be extinct besides your personal collection. Most people are downloading/stealing songs right to their personal devices. Will this mean iTunes and similar sites will have total control over sales in the future? how will the smaller mom and pop stores compete to sell online music?

12 thoughts on “The End of the CD! What’s Next?

  1. Kingsmen as for the CD age i wouldn’t say it is over as long as there are individuals whom still putting out their own music. Mp3s dominate the mainstream industry somewhat but as for having a tangible product in hand cds still have a lifeline

  2. The Digital Age of Music has been here for a while, but is growing continuously, but at the same time, Napster ruined the CD game and it was an avalanche after that…

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