Domestic Violence and Verbal Abuse


Today the internet blogs are touching on the subject of Domestic Violence in reference to comments made by Stepehen A. Smith
towards the suspension of NFL’s Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens. Smith suggested that women can play a role in provoking situations of domestic violence which then caused major problems from women on twitter.

Ladies how do you feel about this? Men do you think women can provoke domestic violence?

77 thoughts on “Domestic Violence and Verbal Abuse

  1. I sincerely believe that domestic violence stems from an unaddressed issue. Whether it be a past issue or current one. That’s why “honest” communication is key with me. A lot of people have mentioned what I consider “warning” terms. Trust and loyalty. Very important terms, but this should be monitored before even rounding to 2nd base. Talk to your partner about the importance of a monogamous relationship. Too easy? Everyone’s in agreement? Then pay attention. One thing a leopard cannot do and that’s change its spots. The behaviors are there, all too often they’re overlooked for the purpose of building what YOU (male party or female party) has decided you want to accomplish in having relations. This is why “courting” is so important. Its selfishness that sets the culmination of events into a downward spiral. She wants her way, he wants his, and no one is willing to compromise. Then comes the verbal assault. Tensions flare. Man becomes quiet…..and she decides to keep the embers burning. He walks away, she follows and intentionally begins to “provoke” the physical confrontation. (two-way street) Then BOOM. Christmas lights in whatever month it may happen besides December. Police cruisers with lights flashing and the embarrassment. Personal and impersonal. Loving a person is EASY. Personality clashes require “healthy” approaches.

  2. Kingsmen White lol nope .. but we can’t get to the new without the old. Refusal is vital most say they serve God but they only want to pick and choose in what they are willing to serve.

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