Young Jeezy Held on $1 Million Bail for Assault Rifle


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Authorities found the weapon
while executing a search warrant on his tour bus Sunday at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in an effort to gather information about the shooting death at the previous tour stop in Mountain View, CA. Several members of Jeezy’s entourage were also locked up for gun possession.

Jeezy is currently being held on $1,000,000 bail.


3 thoughts on “Young Jeezy Held on $1 Million Bail for Assault Rifle

  1. So honestly the term “assault weapon” is misused by most media outlets. The first and foremost qualification of an assault weapon is that it be fully automatic or burst fire I.E. 3 or more rounds from a single trigger pull. There are other factors depending on the platform like affixing bayonets, gernade launchers and so on. Also if a search was improperly done (like without a warrant or cause) it could be tossed before ever getting to court. To be honest in many states (like in Ohio) there is a Prudence clause in the law that allows you to cary a weapon in a manor not normally prescribed by law. Although in states like CA and NY there my be no such thing. There is also the 2nd amendment and as long as none of them are listed as “firearms disabled” because of being a felon, court ordered mental health program, etc, a second amendment defense should stand no matter how restrictive the state laws are. There is also the right to freedom of movement (i believe covered in the 4th amendment) that allows for travel of persons and belongings though a state even if state laws very on cretin legal standings.

    Of course if he (or one of his group) did shoot someone, even if it was in self defense, they are all fu@$ed.

    Either way they should lawyer up and get a good one.

    Sly do you have a better link to this story with more detail.

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