Ray Rice Elevator KnockOut VIdeo

This is what a 2 game suspension looks like?


Shame on the NFL


25 thoughts on “Ray Rice Elevator KnockOut VIdeo

  1. With the implementation of new regulations regarding domestic abuse, he may be banned altogether. I saw DeAngelo Williams with his little girl last week in the mall. HE LOOKED LIKE A DAMNED TREE STUMP. With the strict diets NFL players are adhered to, I’d imagine Rice is beefed up the same way. NO woman can withstand THAT kinda impact. Rice’s wife HAS to have some kinda head trauma. Stay tuned……

  2. Everyone deserves a second chance. I hope he seeks counseling for his issues and his wife as well. I’m sure he regrets everything and this should teach him a valuable lesson from every angle! His jerseys are pulled from a few stores, he lost endorsements, and The Ravens had 10 million for him over the next 3 years (4m, 3m, 3m) but he lost that and they don’t owe him anything! Hopefully this situation sets him “free”

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