Teacher Pleads Guilty After Giving Student Lap Dance In Class


A Texas teacher has pleaded guilty to having an inappropriate relationship with a student after giving a teen a lap dance
on his 15th birthday during class.

Felicia Smith, 42, was sentenced to three years probation on Wednesday, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The risqué performance took place at Houston’s Stovall Middle School in February in a classroom full of students.

The teen told investigators that Smith told him to sit in a chair next to his desk. She then began to play music and danced “with her buttocks making contact with his penis while she began to move back and forth,” according to an affidavit obtained by the Smoking Gun.

Smith’s dance, which another student recorded, ended with her putting her head between the boy’s legs. The boy also told police that he spanked Smith a couple of times, and that Smith told him “I love you, baby. Happy birthday.”

When she was arrested in April, Smith told investigators that her students “convinced her” to give the teen a lap dance.

19 thoughts on “Teacher Pleads Guilty After Giving Student Lap Dance In Class

  1. my problem with this is that the teacher must really didn’t care to do it in front of all those students knowing she would get caught and video would be uploaded from the students cellphones!!! what is really going on

  2. We have seen nothing yet! Let’s is know how much God values the children. And how bad satan needs to destroy them. The problem in most schools systems not in this case. But in the high schools are the the teachers are very close in age to the students .

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