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Skino Brown-Chosen One Ft. Bridgette Angelique (Video)


The Video Chosen One is about having a relationship with your partner and sticking with them through every thing even Jail. It shows you suffer the consequence for the decisions you make in life. .

Directed by Skino Brown

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13 thoughts on “Skino Brown-Chosen One Ft. Bridgette Angelique (Video)

  1. Thanks Dino Simmons!!!!!! I’ve wanted to do a Video for a long time. I spoke to Sly KingsmenMedia White about a year ago about making one for me with another song. I heard this song and I told my Son Skino Brown this is the one for the Video!!!!! You and Sly are AWESOME!!!! Feel like I know you and your wife!!!!! Y’all just GOOD HARDWORKING PEOPLE!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

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  3. Bridgette Angelique & Stanley Lay aka Skino Brown click on the link and check out your Video!!!!!! Sly KingsmenMedia White featured it on his Media page!!!!! Please share the link with your family and friends!!! He has some GREAT stuff on this page!!! THANK YOU SLY!!!!!

  4. Sly Thank you so much for featuring my Children!!!!! They are working very hard as Indie Artist and we need all the support we can get!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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