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In a statement posted on the network’s website, Stephen Hill, pPresident of music programming and specials, said:
“It’s been a great 14-year run as America’s top music/variety show on cable. And now that very valuable brand is going to take its talents to the digital realm. The interactive brand you helped build, 106 & Park, is alive and well…and it’s moving to the space in which our audience NOW interacts with music the most: online. It’ll be very exciting to connect with the millions of people that are already engaged with 106 & Park and other BET digital and social media entities and bring content that will further evolve the 106 & Park brand — and enhance the overall BET Networks brand. As we transition to the digital space, we look to continue 106 & Park’s role as both a leader of and a mirror to youth culture. We’ll have more information to share about how that is to roll out very soon.”

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13 thoughts on “BET’S ’106 & PARK’ GOES DIGITAL

  1. Want some truth.I can point out 2 videos that 2 very well known very famous modern producers are using a pirated version of Sylenth. Aviici and Martin Garrix. I can prove it in 2 vids and can tell you where to pause it at. The media brushed it under the rug.But let some new guy come about using pirated software and they’ll destroy his career before it even starts… SMH…

  2. Right! With the sites they have now you don’t even need to pay. That’s gonna kill the industry or they’re gonna have to change up the media they use when selling films or albums.It’s sad. But it’s technology.They should’ve never mixed CPU’s & $. Hackers have been saying that for 20+ yrs.And all of these bank security breaches in other countries where peoples credit card data was used is gonna destroy insurance companies that choose to back banks and the banks themselves. It’s hard to watch,but this is the world we live in behind the scenes

  3. in the next couple of years we won’t even have movie theaters anymore. what if you can go online and pay a fee and just watch a new movie without going to the movie theater. i would stay home and pay

  4. I can tell you. Cheap to mass produce bro. Analog sounds soooo much better,it’s warm,the bass is more present,etc.I’ve recorded on 24 track 2″ tape in an actual pro studio and it sounds wonderful.Also if I were to release an album,I’d release it on digital but I’d also make a limited run of vinyl for old school dj’s.Though the new school guys can do the same with cd’s or even mp3’s now. Technology…

  5. Loraine Foushee Lekeitric Darrell Grisby a lot of us are watching videos on our mobile devices now and a lot of mainstream artist can release a video on youtube to millions of views without waiting on tv to break it

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