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Pres. Obama Criticizes NFL over Domestic Violence Issues

Obama called in to ESPN’s “The Herd” and talked to Colin Cowherd about the Ray Rice situation.

“The way it was handled also indicates that the NFL was behind the curve,” Obama said … “As a lot of institutions have been behind the curve, in sending a clear message.”

That’s when Obama took aim at Goodell — who’s been under fire for being inconsistent with the punishment he’s dished out to players.

“You don’t want to be winging it when something like this happens. You want to have clear policies in place.”

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20 thoughts on “Pres. Obama Criticizes NFL over Domestic Violence Issues

  1. What is he worrying about all the wrong things? He isn’t a bandaid president. He looks at the long term. Things anylsts said wouldn’t work are, your gas is coming down, and republicans said it wouldn’t

  2. 65% based on what? I’m curious because our country in 2008 was in turmoil on all fronts. He wasn’t handed the world economic power house like Bush was in 1998 which that administration mismanaged terribly

  3. Sheen Williams this is about Obama speaking on this when he could of met with them and found a way to help and make sure more women are not being abused in the NFL. he criticized them just likehe is always being criticized

  4. Mr Obama can not do it all. He can speak out on what he thinks should change as do all other world leaders. Are you better off than you were 8 years ago? Hell yea despite the fact that a racist tea party and republican run Senate fought him on every single thing the Obama administration has attempted to accomplish willing to shut the government down rather than work with him….come on now yall smh

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