Bobby Shmurda and Crew Arrested on Secret Indictment

The rapper Bobby Shmurda was arrested today after a long-term investigation by the NYPD related to his possible involvement in shootings and narcotics trafficking. This is Shmurda’s third brush with the law in recent months, following charges for possessing a gun and drugs.

Kati Cornell, the director of public information for New York City’s special narcotics prosecutor, confirmed that the rapper was arrested in his car in the early hours of morning. According to official sources, he was arrested along with several members of GS9, the Brooklyn gang that also lends its name to Shmurda’s rap crew.

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22 thoughts on “Bobby Shmurda and Crew Arrested on Secret Indictment

  1. @Kingsmen notice how they waiting until brothers are shining or in the spotlight. Like dude from love & hip hop.. They seen him on t.v and went crazy… Dude facing 20 years or more for allegedly selling millions of dollars worth of coke. Why they didn’t pick him up before? Because they said between 2002-2011 or something like that. Come on, here is the break down the feds and c.i.a got all the dope now so the balling is over with if you just a d boy. You minor street level traffickers isn’t worth the paperwork and they aren’t getting no more real $ from confiscations so now its the growers and entertainers, athletes and actors if they got street ced or still associated with the game! Ain’t no more dope game brothers better invest in their futures legitimately and fast!!!!

  2. thats true and plus if his crew don’t see any money or fame like bobby they will still continue with their life in the streets in just surprised that he was still involved(if its all true)

  3. Yeah sometimes it doesn’t pay to be “REAL” in hip hop especially now days. Somebody was saying that bobby and his crew were really with the biz on the streets. Most of us are trying to leave the streets behind. I hope that this young brother get it together.

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