Nicki Minaj Prepares for Lowest First Week Sales of Her Career

According to HitsDailyDouble, The Pinkprint is predicted to move 170,000-180,000 units (including streams) in its initial week. Those numbers are less than the first week totals for Nicki’s previous albums. Her 2010 LP Pink Friday opened with 375,000 units, and 2012’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded came out the gate with 253,000 copies.

However, a 170,000-180,000 range is in line with other major Hip Hop releases in 2014. Rick Ross’ Mastermind (179,000), Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron (139,000), Shady Record’s Shady XV (138,000), and Jeezy’s Seen It All (121,000) all came in under the 200,000 mark first week.


photo credit: Sly ‘Kingsmen’ White

32 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Prepares for Lowest First Week Sales of Her Career

  1. People are finally waking up and conscious about all of this garbage BS music & propagandas it’s all a HYPE it takes controversy to sell music to her usual brainwashed fans. Right along with the protest and everything else going on Buffoonery is at all time low in sales. But high in media & hyped up promotion.

    1. tru an jcole just has core fans he dropped no single n no promotion it was jus the buzz an the music plus he did a couple protest an let people see his face lol nicki got that trendy wack industry records thats good for the radio her bars getn weak too lol guess people want something they can feel

  2. Don’t think its the economy Kingsmen White with over 10 Billion to be spent over the holiday season. The industry has changed a hell of a lot. The vast majority of majors get their money off shows and royalties now. Take for example Boosie he came home killed a bunch a features that he received a gang of ends for. A few singles went on tour to get that bread and came back and dropped a free mix tape.. He made the bread but also hard for an upcoming artist. If I can get Boosie music for free why would I buy yours? The internet has its down falls. But at the same time people play out that new chick climbing the charts Izzy Iggy what ever her name is. But I got one that’s gone change the game. Iceleya Square Diamond MillRecords 1st lady I putting what ever on it! Hear from us soon!

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