Lil Wayne: Sorry For The Wait 2


Lil Wayne is making the best of a pretty bad situation. He is still snared in a public and fractious fight with Birdman over the control of his upcoming album Tha Carter V, which is signed to Cash Money, the label Birdman started. Not to let such business get in the way of the music, Weezy has decided to make sure he is still delivering new content to his fans and announced a new mixtape, Sorry For The Wait 2, the follow up to his previous mixtape, Sorry For The Wait that preceded the extensively delayed Tha Carter IV. Now a tentative cover art has been released for the mixtape, as well as the news that a song from SFTW2 will be released today (Jan. 12) in celebration of the Green Bay Packers’ win over the Dallas Cowboys yesterday.


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  1. Now that’s a good question. Depending how that contract was set up. Artist seem to only look at what’s provided in the beginning not looking at the what if’s. God willing their contracts were set up like that if they wanted out they can bounce.

  2. 50 Million Lord have mercy. But with a net of 140 million he has it. But that music mess will destroy friendships. That all mighty dollar is something else. 360 deals are the worst ever. That’s why the business side artist have to know and or have a team that’s not associated with the label. For example Drake knocked one of the most lucrative solo deals in hip hop. Being that he was under Hip Hop since 1978 management they were able to see through baby’s game.. Not only did he knock a 2 million sign on buck he has creative control over all his work. Giving Cash Money on 25% of album sells and he keeps everything else. Wayne got caught at a young age by a greedy monster. His luck gone turn on him baby. Since the creation has had problems not his team. But him GREED!! Wayne should buy out if he has it or someone with bread should buy him out and have baby sick!

    1. Yes drake had some hand already in his pocket before he came to Cash/Young Money! 360 deals are important for the labels because if you invest a million into an artist album and it don’t sell but let’s say he has a single on the album that’s pretty good, he can host clubs and do some shows and still pull in stacks while you are stuck holding the million dollar ticket. They are making these 360 deals like a security net to keep from taking major losses

    2. They kind of make you want to stay independent, sort of like its best. To many clauses for me all money ain’t good money. I don’t car who its coming from. At the end of the day business & friendship just don’t mix.

  3. Preserving Lives it’s a tricky situation because if Interscope wants to buy wayne out and let him be a solo artist and give him a deal for Yung Money he would have to sell some serious units to make good on the buyout and the record industry sales have not been that good lately. Wayne would have to do at least 10 million records for Interscope in the next few years but and then will Baby let wayne take Drake and Nicki with him or is that MoRe money to buy them out too?

  4. Preserving Lives depends on if wayne has a 360 deal with them. If wayne has a regular contract with no 360 then wayne should have made a lot off of album sales and touring. Let’s say baby gets $5 per album and gives his artist $1 per sale then baby made about 20 million off the last two albums while wayne made $5 mill plus at least $30 mill for touring. Baby is probably trying to make another $30 mill off wayne before his contract is up and then wayne is still stuck with his Yung money contract with cash money! baby can ask up towards $50 million just to let wayne and Yung money go and he can also still ask for points off everything in the future. It’s getting real bro

  5. I’m sure it wouldn’t be had. In fact Baby should do him how Interscope did 50. I think 50 still owes them a album or two. Being that Wayne brought so much to the table it should be a giving. Just to keep the friendship bond. That’s one crazy story there. Researching the history of Cash Money in my eyes Baby & Slim are BAD business. They definitely can’t manage money from what I’m reading. #Sad

  6. He released two albums and he probably owes Baby 3 more. I wonder how much is needed to buy out his contract. He has an album ready and the last album is always the greatest hits compilation but baby can drag that along for the next 5 yrs. it’s getting real

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