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Lil Wayne: Sorry For The Wait 2


Lil Wayne is making the best of a pretty bad situation. He is still snared in a public and fractious fight with Birdman over the control of his upcoming album Tha Carter V, which is signed to Cash Money, the label Birdman started. Not to let such business get in the way of the music, Weezy has decided to make sure he is still delivering new content to his fans and announced a new mixtape, Sorry For The Wait 2, the follow up to his previous mixtape, Sorry For The Wait that preceded the extensively delayed Tha Carter IV. Now a tentative cover art has been released for the mixtape, as well as the news that a song from SFTW2 will be released today (Jan. 12) in celebration of the Green Bay Packers’ win over the Dallas Cowboys yesterday.


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12 thoughts on “Lil Wayne: Sorry For The Wait 2

  1. They kind of make you want to stay independent, sort of like its best. To many clauses for me all money ain’t good money. I don’t car who its coming from. At the end of the day business & friendship just don’t mix.

  2. Yes drake had some hand already in his pocket before he came to Cash/Young Money! 360 deals are important for the labels because if you invest a million into an artist album and it don’t sell but let’s say he has a single on the album that’s pretty good, he can host clubs and do some shows and still pull in stacks while you are stuck holding the million dollar ticket. They are making these 360 deals like a security net to keep from taking major losses

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