Wayne claims because Cash Money is refusing to pay, he’s entitled to walk.
But Lil Wayne wants more than just a declaration of freedom. He’s suing for $51 MILLION.
And Wayne wants the judge to declare he’s the joint copyright owner of all Young Money recordings … which includes Drake, Nicki Minajand several others.
Sources connected to Wayne tell TMZ … if Birdman antes up then he can release “Tha Carter V,” but only if Wayne gets paid. Wayne says he was supposed to get an $8 million advance when he began recording in December, 2013 and another 2M when he completed the album a year later, but so far he’s gotten nothing.

Source: TMZ

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18 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Ups the Ante to $51 Million and Copyright Ownership of YM Artist in Lawsuit w/ Cash Money”
  1. Birdman has made $75 Million off of Wayne since the beginning of his career! He pays his artist $1.00 per album which is GREAT compared to other artist so that means Wayne has made $15 million and baby has made $60 million off of wayne so far. Wayne also has made $50 million in touring over the years! $65 million for Wayne and $60million for baby off of one artist! Where is all the money??????

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