The trio and their record label, Quality Control Music, donated $1000 to Booker T. Washington High School. After Migos uploaded the photo of the over-sized check given to the Atlanta school, IG users began bashing the rappers for being too cheap.

“Coach looking like [the f**k] we [gonna] do with this s**t? Buy everybody a 2 for 5 at Burger King?” wrote one commenter.

Another added, “Printing that check probably cost more than what you donated. Smh.”

“Are you n***as serious? That’s $333.33 each? Y’all supposed to have bands and racks,” posted another user. “You busted out that big ol’ Godzilla ass check for a G? Your shoes worth more than that.”

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13 thoughts on “Migos Blasted on Instagram for their CHEAP Donation”
  1. That’s why I said I know celebs that give 10 checks a year of all equal amount and if we only see one check we might not know about the other 9 and some folks get FREE clothing and rap about expensive stuff that they didn’t buy.! It’s the game

  2. These kids are probably just angry bcuz of the lies and hype from all the different entertainers. So when an entertainer/group does give back the kids expect more than $1000. Probably shattered some dreams.
    On the positive side…they gave more than a lot of other groups have ever given.

  3. I wonder how many of those folk and Anted up to donate to that cause versus typing about it, no 1000 dollars will not save the world but at least it helps the cause and you just build from there

  4. this is just social media gone wrong because they knew they would get ate up for all throwing in $333 apiece when they floss so much but we have no idea if and how much more they give thats not noted

  5. At least they did give something back. A lot if famous people, or people who’ve made it don’t even take the time if day to THINK about where they come from. The forget their past and wouldn’t give the stank out of their s*** . I’m impressed they attempted to do something instead if aching brand new…

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