‘EMPIRE’ Scores Another Week of High Ratings

Defying the usual rules of television, Empire’s ratings have risen each week it has aired, starting at 9.9 million viewers on Jan. 7 and most recently attracting 11.3 million last Wednesday.

Now that we know exactly how Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) managed to wrangle herself an early release, she jumps to a conclusion in Wednesday’s episode of Empire that causes her to react in a way that will almost certainly have her behind bars once again. (Unless, of course, she can get someone to take the fall for her – it worked for Lucious, after all)


With his video $1 million over budget, Lucious commands poor, off-his-meds Andre to find the money to continue financing it, despite the fact that the upcoming IPO has accountants questioning their every expenditure.

What did you like about last nights episode

9 thoughts on “‘EMPIRE’ Scores Another Week of High Ratings

  1. Janal n his brother are soo sexy on stage , the older brother is jealous of the two younger ones , I’m looking forward to se Cookie n her babies claim Empire as theirs

  2. I used to work in ad sales. They probably gave certain clients priority for a cheaper price. Now that the show is doing well in the ratings, the rates will go up next season.

  3. The show has LIMITED commercial interruption. They give an additional 3 minutes compared to the average 40 minute show that is an hour with commercials. LOL

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