Epic Says it’s NOT their Responsibility to Bail Out Artist

Shmurda’s entertainment lawyer Matthew Middleton spoke with the New York Times. Middleton expressed Epic is not required to offer bail money for its artists, but Bobby expected more financial and emotional support than he has received from the label.

“These companies for years have capitalized and made millions and millions of dollars from kids in the inner city portraying their plight to the rest of the world,” said Middleton. “To take advantage of that and exploit it from a business standpoint and then turn your back is disingenuous, to say the least.”

The seriousness of the allegations may be the reason Epic has decided not to back Shmurda, but Middleton points out so far there have only been accusations of crimes being committed. He also notes the label has already made a profit off its deal with Bobby.

“[Epic] made their money back at least two or three times over,” Middleton added. “I understand from a corporate standpoint that companies cannot put themselves in a position where it appears they’re supporting and condoning criminal activity. But he hasn’t been found guilty of anything yet.”


20 thoughts on “Epic Says it’s NOT their Responsibility to Bail Out Artist

  1. The industry and music is so different theses days music use to be good now these up and coming artist are getting paid to influence our youth and our people with garbage and ignorance and if you in jail there is no longer the need you served your purpose accomplished more than they wanted and on to the next

  2. What’s crazy is that EPIC is right. Their job is to Fund, Market & Sell Records. They gave that Kid enough money in His Advance to handle things like this. They gave Him enough money to not have to live that Lifestyle any longer as long as He was in their Employ. What he chose to do or not to do with the Money is none of their business. #TruthSerum

    1. Most of Us musicians are Geeks & Nerds… we don’t need them problems. LOL! Someone should had given him an Ultimatum… Either this Music Life or This Street Life… Choose one.

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