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Rich Homie Quan is Cool with Other Races Using the N-Word 

“I feel good, man, because it’s that kind of trap that we want people to do,” Homie said when asked about his take on fans rapping to his “My N*gga” song. “It’s almost like cross-over music. I feel good. I don’t really look at nothing by it. It’s good. You make music so people can recite it and that’s what they’re doing, they’re reciting the song. … I wouldn’t say racism is worse in the South because it was so hard in the South, I think people are very nice in the South now and don’t want to go back to those days. I’ve seen very little racism since I’ve been living.” (VLAD TV)

Photo credit: Kingsmen Media

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30 thoughts on “Rich Homie Quan is Cool with Other Races Using the N-Word 

  1. I’d be PISSED if a racist called me a nigger don’t get me wrong.. but I’d be just as pissed if he called me BLACK if I heard him say it a certain way.

  2. Nooooo what I’m saying is that… if a racist calls me a nigger i KNOW what he means behind it. The same way if one of my friends calls me thier nigga I know they aren’t saying it as an ignorant dirty black.

    Let’s go this way… if you hear a white guy say “our president is BLACK” but you heard the hate in his voice when he said black like it was something he just despised. Is it the same as your mother saying “our president is Black” with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye…. that’s what’s I’m saying Sly. No matter the word, you can say it hatefully or as a term of endearment.

  3. Not saying that it has to hold up to my definition but “nigger” doesn’t have to hold up to yours from 1960. Because if you aren’t understanding it’s origins than you are only focusing on one thing. Things have a way of evolving. What I’m asking is since it can evolve from a regular word to a bad word, why can’t it evolve to a “good” word?

  4. Does a racist without a tongue hate you any less than one that can talk? It’s a word. You call men and women kings and queens. That they are not. It’s no different than a woman calling her girlfriend bitch when they are talking and then when a man calls a woman a bitch out of anger. Words are all contexual. If anyone understood the etymology of the word “nigger” then they would know it came from a NON derogatory Spanish word “negro” which means black. NIGGER did not start off as a bad word. It came from a Americanized pronounciation. Exactly how barbacoa became barbeque. Its the person who chose to pronounce it like that and use it in a racist manner.The same way it started as a basic word and it became a bad word it can become a name for just a guy. Anyone that has experienced racism can tell you that a racist can say the word “BLACK” with just as just hate in his voice as he can say “nigger”

  5. Joe Franklin is cool for different races to use if you don’t feel any hurt behind it? I’m cool on not using it because it’s so many rules behind it. No matter how cool we make it it’s someone’s grandma sitting somewhere remembering her Fam hanging from a tree w/ it painted on their shirt

  6. I don’t see the big deal behind it. Words are only as harmful as the context you use them in. You know when someone is trying to insult you or when they are using street venacular to acknowledge you. People just want something to be butt hurt about.

  7. There are a lot of folks not just black who are niggas. If you behave in such a way I’ll use it. Same as bitch. I don’t use it in a positive way like I hear so many either. If I use it, please be offended. Nigga, nigger is offensive. All day everyday. But I won’t pretend I don’t use these words when I’m pissed, because I do cuss. But nigger when I use it is of the lowest kind: pedophiles, murderers, this who seek the destruction of my community-no matter their color, I’m using it

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