Tyga  Expressing his Love for Kylie Jenner

At last, Tyga and Kylie Jenner, 17, are no longer keeping their romance under wraps. Ever since Kanye West decided to spill the beans that these two were dating (despite their age difference), the rapper has been more forthright about his feelings for Kylie! Case in point: Tyga took to social media on March 13 and he made quite the statement about his lady-love.

24 thoughts on “Tyga  Expressing his Love for Kylie Jenner

  1. Not a chance in hell I would let that happen,but again we’re looking at a young girl from a wealthy family that loves being in the spotlight, bad parenting if you ask me…

  2. As long as it becomes a story played out on TV, it’s A-OK with Kris Jenner…. She’s a “fame-whore” and it makes a fortune for the Kardashian BRAND.

  3. Yea. It Is Wrong.. I’m Just Saying In Reality Once Kids Get A Certain Age Driving.. And Lil’ More Freedom Out & About Its Damn Near Impossible To Track There Every Step & Will Do Wht They Want. They Just Want Come Home With It. Now Days I Think It’s More Serious Talking & Explaining Future Consequences Asking Questions As To WHY They Feel The Need To Date Older Then Flat Out NO! Followed By Strict Rules & Regulations. Cuz That’s Usually Followed By Thm Sneaking Anyway.

  4. Let’s see. She’s 17…he’s 25. Her mother sleeps around. Her father wants to be a woman. The entire family is dysfunctional, at best. His record sales are way down. Her reality show is way up. This is what America wants……Dysfunctionality at it’s best

  5. 17.. Girl. 19..18..21..25 Boy. I Would Say No!! But Now Days These Kids Gone Do W.t.h They Wanna Do. U Can Fight Turn Blue Cuss.. Lock Yo Doors No Company. They Will STILL Find A Way. You Could Even End Up In Jail & Yo Child & Her Boyfriend Still Together! So I Would Say No And Not Agree Tho. Yea. Lol One More Year That Girl Be Grwn Anyway & Will Do Wht She Wants Legally.

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