Lil Wayne Signs to Jay Z

Last night lil wayne made an announcement saying that he signed a deal with his idol Jay Z!  If you have been following the kingsmen blog you will notice that I predicted this when the first cash money problems started!


29 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Signs to Jay Z

  1. The only thing: Wayne didn’t say what the deal comprised of. The general thought is that he either signed to Roc Nation management or Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service.

    Wayne recently release a new track, “Glory,” through Tidal.

    He has also been stuck in a legal snafu with Cash Money Records, his recording home since he started as an artist.

  2. Baby is smart and he is not giving up wayne without a fight. We will have to see what the court says. It seem like wayne wanted that $8 mil advance he was promised for finishing his album.

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