2 Chains Sued for $5 Million for calling A Girl a THOT

 According to the lawsuit, Chisholm claims two weeks after the video was posted — and was seen by 10 million people — she was fired from her job at a barber shop because the manager thought the video would bring negative publicity to the shop. Chisholm claims being called a ho subjected her to harassment and abuse in public and has severely damaged her reputation … and she wants $5,000,000 in damages. (TMZ)


62 thoughts on “2 Chains Sued for $5 Million for calling A Girl a THOT

  1. Wow. I just seen the video. Geesh. She was drinking water. I guess water doesn’t quench everyone’s thirst. Anyway. Chile. That is to much. Wait was she the only female back stage with a bunch of dudes looking for a dude who was mia and if he was there his amigos didn’t think she was his type or had her confused with another female who resembled her but names were spelled Letdifferent…she seemed pretty excited once she found out the video was going on a blog blog blog….woosah. QUEEN#

  2. Well if she was acting loose back stage and he called her out is there a case? Is she saying that his buzz is so huge that he ruined her life? And did her job really fire her because of the video? If she is a great worker then why wouldn’t her job say “NO that’s not her she wouldn’t do any THOT stuff! We know here”

  3. Yes they sure have heck I probably could sue a few people for the names I have been called and vice versa. How does her being or not being called a thot affect her place of employment again? (trick question-no response needed) There are probably a few hoes that work there. I mean I don’t know and I am not calling anyone a hoe…geesh let me choose my words wisely. Yikes. Good luck homie…2 Chains.

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