Young Thug & Birdman Named In Indictment In Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Shooting


This indictment has uncovered much more troubling details of the actual incidents in question. According to the legal documents, Jimmy Winfrey followed Lil Wayne’s tour bus out of an Atlanta venue’s parking lot, and opened fire on the bus. There were reportedly 12 people inside, including Lil Wayne, and other Young Money rappers and executives.
Shortly after the shooting incident, which took place in April, authorities allege that Winfrey fled on a nearby freeway while placing a call to Birdman. The indictment also denotes that prior to the shooting, Winfrey placed a call to Young Thug, and a nearby police officer observed that there was an assault rifle in the white Camaro Winfrey was piloting.

Young Thug and Birdman (or “Baby“) have been named alongside Young Thug affiliate Jeffrey Winfrey (or Peewee Roscoe), claiming the three conspired in a plot to kill Lil Wayne. According to the reports, which are coming in via WSBTV’s Mike Petchenik’s Twitter, the indictment refers to a plot that was to be carried out in April, the month in which Weezy’s tour bus was shot at as he left the parking lot of an Atlanta venue after a show. Two months ago, Winfrey was arrested for the crime.

Some of the details that Petchenik revealed include the fact that the indictment is against Winfrey specifically, but names both Young Thug and Birdman as connected to Winfrey, and more specifically, that Winfrey was carrying out a plot devised by Young Thug. Furthermore, Thug’s most recent music video, “With That,” in which Winfrey is prominently displayed, is being used as evidence. The prosecution plans to draw a connection between the April incident, and Winfrey holding a firearm in the video of a song that mentions Lil Wayne.

42 thoughts on “Young Thug & Birdman Named In Indictment In Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Shooting

  1. His business mind is what makes you don’t like him. I don’t know him from a can of paint. You see this all plays in the site of everything that glitters ain’t gold. We all on the outside looking in. Let’s look at his roster of artist and artist he’s had. You can’t look past that. They didn’t leave because baby wanted them to leave. Maybe 90% of them opted out. While the rest are saying Baby and Cash Money will always be their Fam it just wasn’t for them. Well they probably just don’t have the balls to say why.

  2. Yes a pretty pretty penny. But you also know if you don’t have the product to push on a national level you can’t! I’m not taking away bro baby and slim was the bread behind the label so they played a major part. But to make them millionaires is such strong words. I don’t give him that credit but that’s just my opinion. Because it takes a team to make it happen Fam & bread. That’s what they lack. That’s what baby and slim had. But that still don’t make them real that’s why their going threw these problems now. I never said they had the money and connect. They have the product. So if in the event that he would of been solid I don’t think any of these problems would be on the for front now. Baby is the problem. If he’s running threw niggaz and crews like that he has to be the problem. Hell if Slim wasn’t his bro hell he probably would of been gone.

  3. I have watched numerous footage of them baby was just the face Slim was the brains he went into those meetings and made things happen… they all knew what was going on years ago Wayne stuck around for the purpose of the outcome. Wayne himself said they didn’t think he was all that good Juvenile was the one who kept him encouraged and told him how good he was and not to change anything. So it’s not like they choose Wayne to go off by himself because they thought he was hot… Juvenile and the rest knew what was up and got away from them Wayne loyalty was with baby so he stayed… Wayne said he was doing music not based off the fans or himself but only to please baby in so many words.

  4. Preserving Lives it’s bigger than thug getting in his head. Do you know how much $ they made off of drake and Nicki? I don’t think any of them expected Drake to be so huge! Wayne knows what kind of money he can get from a major label for having drake and Nicki under him but he didn’t know this when he first signed them.

  5. And you said they could of did it on their own then why hasn’t any of them had any success after they left? They left with money and some knowledge and they still couldn’t find success Preserving Lives

  6. Preserving Lives do you know how much it cost to push an album on a national level? If they had the money and connections to do it themselves then why didn’t they do it? You can’t ignore baby’s business mind because you don’t like him. I really don’t like any of them I’m just speaking on business

  7. Someone got in his head? Lol Young Thug got in his head like I got yo boo boo. Bro their displaying nothing but female behavior. Just watch! I’ve been saying this for a long long long time.

  8. Man I disagree bro. He signed them yeah. But made them millionaires NO. Their art and talent made them millionaires. Something that could of been done without baby. May took longer. Baby ain’t shit Fam there’s no getting around it. Baby been playing them boyz since the hot boyz fr fr. That was the problem everybody wasn’t eating like that that’s were the fall out begin. Same thing Wayne is going threw now. He woke up and begin to count. BG, played him you can’t do people like that and think it’s not going to come to the light. See yes baby em was getting that real street money before the deal was cut but it wasn’t bagged by the education apparently.

  9. Yes baby made them rich and had a sexual relationship with Wayne as a child at the same time… we can not hide the fact that those two was lovers! They did that 106 and park interview with free and aj and she ask baby about his gold teeth how do you kiss with them young Wayne politely said he only kiss me! He was young and baby took him up under his wings and had his way with him… but we see it all the time in the industry mother’s trust these men to make their kids famous and take care of them and they molesting them the entire time #sick

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