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30 thoughts on “Drake: 2 Meek: 0

  1. Drake is very smart by putting the pressure on from a singing cat lol. Even though his rhymes are not real hard it’s a lot of pressure on Meek now to come back and really hit him! We already know meek going to talk about killing him and putting him in the trunk but Drake is hitting below the belt with some real facts!

  2. Meeks team is losing right now because they are trying to find a way to make this beef profitable for him while Drake don’t have to wait and don’t need the $ so he going right at him!

    1. Even with this move, he’s doing the same thing everybody else before him did that wanted a buzz to promote themselves. He does NOTHING different to me. lmao

  3. I think Drake is up but Meek aint dope to me so its like fighting a lil brother. lol Compared to other diss records even Drake’s was lightweight…in my opinion.

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