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Vacation 2016! Where are You Going???

Hello my friends! Just wanted to start this day off by being a little nosey by asking WHERE are you planning on going this year for vacation??? I also want to know what/where was your Best vacation and where is your dream vacation??


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31 thoughts on “Vacation 2016! Where are You Going???

    1. See, I kept telling her to stay in her lane, but very suttle. Then it came down to me telling her before I got divorced; that she needed to let a man be a man instead of trying to raise him.

    1. lolol, uhmmmm I will have to think about that one… My Ex and I are on good terms. I am very cordial with her and the Ex-mother-in-law. BUT I may write a book. My mother told me she believes it will be a BEST Seller… #SMDH #MyMotherTheComedian

  1. MrKelly Quarles that had to be terrible with the mother in law situation. And she trying to tell you what you should be doing? That sounds like a little mini series on tv that would be a hit show

  2. 2016, I am heading to Mardi Gar this weekend. Mardi Gar is Feb 9th. The Best vacation was Cancun in 2006. Worst vacation was going to Miami, FL with my Ex-wife. Mother-in-Law was trying to tell me how a man should act and treat their spouse. She had it all backwards, that is why she was divorced 3 times. Trying to tell a man how he should be! #POW #BOOM

  3. Kelly Lake I’m looking at London in Sept. Typing to make it a vacation/media tour so I can kill 2 birds with one stone. London has been on my mind for my months so I’m looking at it now.

  4. The plans right now for 2016 vacation is to go to Hawaii! My best vacation was going to London in 2000 for two weeks, it was fabulous seeing the sights and historical places! The worst vacation I ever had was a tent camping trip in the late 80’s where it rained a lot and I hated it ( I’m not a rough camping person, give me a motel or hotel room please! )

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