Tupac’s Mother May Be Forced to Split Rapper’s Estate in Divorce

Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur
may have to divide the late rapper’s estate with her estranged husband, Gust Davis, in their divorce. The couple’s 12-year marriage is coming down to an ugly end since there was no prenuptial agreement signed, leaving the fate of Tupac’s annual earnings up to a judge in North Carolina. According to TMZ, Tupac’s Estate—which is estimated to bring in $1 million per year— is caught in Gust’s demands, which are to live on their 50 acre farm in North Carolina, keys to the houseboats, and alimony for life. Afeni, who currently gets $20K per month after fees, is asking the judge to throw out his request.

Photo (Afeni Shakur and Kingsmen)


39 thoughts on “Tupac’s Mother May Be Forced to Split Rapper’s Estate in Divorce

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  2. Dude is a str8 up bitch nigga. The way divorce courts usually side with the women, I doubt he’ll get not even 1/4 of the shit he’s asking for.

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