Cavs vs. Warriors in the NBA Finals! Who will Win??

I’m excited to see Cleveland back in the finals with a healthy squad this year so my question of the day is WHO will win it all? Who are you betting on??? Plus check out the schedule for the NBA Finals!

50 thoughts on “Cavs vs. Warriors in the NBA Finals! Who will Win??

  1. Without me being a cavs fan although i am…Cavs cavs everybody healthly playing cohesive high level bball its just time #50yrsComing

  2. GState , Cleveland has a great team it will definitely be a tuff one but the East comp is weak compared to the west so GState it is !!!

    1. People keep saying that…but Bron was real close to beating them last year by himself. The comp in the east was the same last year. Lol

    2. Yeah it was close and close to beating don’t cut it lol, the reason the East comp is bought up because it seems a lot of doubt on GState is because of the hard time they had in the playoffs which is a harder schedule , it’s kinda like the east is the D Leauge and the West is the show

    3. I’m not debating the east not being as difficult as the West. I’m saying that that doesn’t diminish the strength of the Cavs. If you a beast, you’re a beast regardless.

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