Cavs vs. Warriors in the NBA Finals! Who will Win??

I’m excited to see Cleveland back in the finals with a healthy squad this year so my question of the day is WHO will win it all? Who are you betting on??? Plus check out the schedule for the NBA Finals!

50 thoughts on “Cavs vs. Warriors in the NBA Finals! Who will Win??

  1. Cavs are cooking up more than a healthy team. Believe that. Chef Curry is a beast no doubt …AND King James is LeBEAST! Epic at best. What I learned over the years is that None of us can predict ish! These are all guesses. Lol everyone is an expert. Lol somebody is going to be right based on a 50/50 chance, insight on the future. I WANT the Cavs to win Bc I’m kinda disgusted with the pure hate of a man that people don’t even know. It’s crossed over in place it should have never went. This guy has been to 6 consecutive finals and has got the short end based on team injuries. Yet the blame falls on him. But to act like GSW isn’t a force to be reckoned with as a team, is crazy. There’s no sure winner right now. It’s even keel. IMO

  2. Either way it will be rigged so I’m waiting on someone to tell me how OKC lost leads abs had no urgency about it… Anyway I’m a western conference fan! So we shall see… Steph needs to defend his title cause 73-wins will be in vain if not… LBJ needs to win so he can quit crying and the city of Cleveland can have a win at something…. Either way the series will be epic! Come on Thursday night!

    1. I can answer that for you. The Warriors have mastered the art of adaptability. Notice how the Warriors have adapted their playing style against Houston, Portland, and OKC. Did you notice how Steve Kerr put Iggy in the starting line up over Harrison Barnes. This threw off Westbrook and KD. Cleveland is relying on a healthy squad, to beat a team that plays together, like a well oiled machine.

    2. Touché I agree… But also, did u see the lack of urgency even when Kerr switched up? That should’ve fueled more out of them… Granted both teams wanted it but GSW wanted it more: or dare I say it Vegas wanted it more lol… We all wanted the rematch to put away all rumors… So these next 7 shall be interesting…..

    3. You are right on that account, Vegas is heavily invested in sports. But trust me, I’ve been following the Warriors for 30 years. It doesn’t seem like they are playing with a sense of urgency, but at the same time, they are getting their opponent to play their style of basketball. The majority of GSW’s bench were starers on other teams, Kerr works them in, then brings back the starters, throwing off our opponents. It is all one big chess match. Kerr is Bobby Fischer.

    4. Yasssss exactly.. I love the western conference.. I’m a die hard Laker Fan….
      The urgency I was referring to was OKC… If Kerr switched up they should of noticed that quick and acted accordingly… Kerr out coached OKC these last 2 games…

    5. Right, that’s why I called it a chess match. OKC is Westbrook and KD, the rest are supporting cast. Same with Cleveland, everyone knows Love and Irving, will be expected to make a strong impact. And of course, Kerr is studying this. Keep in mind, he is a former player and multiple champion. Cleveland’s coach has not been tested in the finals.

    6. I know that’s what makes this crazy…. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing I live commentating sports lol I think I was supposed to be on first take I tell ya! Lol especially If we talking COWBOYZ and LAKERS ☺️☺️☺️

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