Apollo Sentenced to 8 yrs in Federal Prison


Apollo was sentenced to 8 yrs in Federal Prison for Bank Fraud! Let’s pray that he can get through this and make some changes in life!

Read the story here from Sandra Rose
Apollo sentenced to 8 years

Apollo Pleads Guilty

44 thoughts on “Apollo Sentenced to 8 yrs in Federal Prison

  1. Sumtingwong Witchu Saunders I read that girls story online. She said Phaedra was always the leader.she got those babies so he making sure she free

  2. Y’all stupid! But ahhh yeah I just hope it don’t get outta hand when he gets out… be somewhere dead! U messin with some big folks if the Feds want them… they don’t mess with little boys… but hope he can rebound, definitely gone change his character

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