In an interview with MTV, the rapper surprised fans with the news that he rejoined Cash Money records for the second time.

“It’s already done, man. I signed the paperwork a couple days ago,”he said. “I talked about it to [Birdman]. You start where you finish. It’s a done deal, people. I’m officially signed back to Cash Money, Rich Gang. It’s a big bubble, man.”

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9 thoughts on “Juvenile signs to Cash Money…Again”
  1. I think he should of stayed independent. I can see 50-100,000 hardcore hot boy fans supporting him but not selling 4 million albums like in his prime. lil wayne is the only one that has been relevant for the past 15 yrs. our kids are the new consumers and if you ask them about Juvie they will say Juvie who????

  2. I’m 50/50… B.G. doing a 14yr bid on a gun conviction, Turk doing his own thing independent. Mannie Fresh would have to be a part of this too. Juvenile would have to take it back to the 400 Degrees flow minus all the D Boy talk. I hope he be on some grown man stuff. We will see.