S/O to Jalen Austin and CJ Amill #Youngstown

Officially a Lafayette Leopard! can’t say enough how thankful & blessed I am to be in this position…was a long year, but through it all I was able to stay focused & accomplish my goal attending a very good school & playing D1 football without my parents having to pay a dime…& to top it off, I get to go to school with my brother from another. can’t think of a better situation to be in. & to all the people who supported me & even the people who hated on me, thank you. I appreciate you all. & last, but not least… ‪#‎GoPards‬ !!

-CJ Amill



Proud father & uncle… Not only is CJ going on to play D1 football but so if my nephew Jalen who gave his verbal commitment to Youngstown St…!!! Congrats Missy & Jason Austin… Maybe we will finally get to see them play in the playoffs… ‪#‎D1Family‬

-Chris Amill Sr.



20 thoughts on “S/O to Jalen Austin and CJ Amill #Youngstown

  1. Keep these young men ENCOURAGED. Talk to them about the IMPORTANCE of remaining grounded. EVERYONE IS NOT THEIR FRIENDS!!!!!! EVERYONE will NOT have their best interests at heart. Know when to put one foot in front of the other to avoid an unnecessary fall. What they’ve accomplished is a rare gift awarded to them through their personal talents. Their blood, sweat, and tears got them THIS far, but there’s still PLENTY of distance to cover. Enjoy school, have fun, and DON’T MAKE NO BABIES! A poor decision today can have a lifetime of consequences later. Avoid the groupie chicks AT ALL COSTS!!!!! (if it comes easy, you DON’T want it)
    This thing called life isn’t checkers, IT’S CHESS. If you misstep bad enough, it can become Chinese Arithmetic!!!! (AVOID CHINESE ARITHMETIC!)

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