Erica Campbell Believes Being Transgender or Gay Is a Sin


Speaking to, the singer took the long way around to homophobia by saying that while she doesn’t believe it’s her place to judge anyone, the Bible says that being LGBT is a sin. “I believe sin is sin and it exists and God forgives it just like everything else.” Wow, must be tough for someone to live their authentic life and be told their very nature is a “sin.” But she also has a strategy for how to deal with the sinners: open the church doors to them and “let God do the saving.”
“Keep sharing, keep loving, keep opening the doors of our churches, keep embracing and let God do the changing,” Campbell explained. “I think a lot of times we try to be God. We try to make the change. Everybody has an issue. Sometimes people’s [issue] is a little more flamboyant than others. Maybe yours is lying and we can’t see your issue. We all have something to work on. My job is to love, not to judge.”


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