Wayne Takes Out a $1.5M LOAN to Pay Lawsuit

tapping another financial resource to officially settle a massive transportation bill. Wayne used his beloved Miami skatepark as collateral on a $1.5 million loan, TMZ reports. 

Signature Group sued Wayne for $1 million last year and in September 2015 he was ordered to shell out double the amount, including the company’s legal fees. Signature claims Wayne leased a private jet for $55,000 a month in addition to landing and maintenance fees. He denies entering into a contract with the company.

5 thoughts on “Wayne Takes Out a $1.5M LOAN to Pay Lawsuit

    1. He don’t have any bread. Why would you dig a deeper debt with a loan and interest rates plus he already owes 800,000 more for late fees? He is paying a total of 2.8 million on a million dollar judgement! Wayne is broke

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