Kanye West Just asked ALL White Publications To Stop Covering Him

West called out The New York Times, Rolling Stone and other “white publications” and asked them to stop writing about black culture. He would go on to say that the system is “designed for colored people to fail,” and that one of the only ways around that is music.

79 thoughts on “Kanye West Just asked ALL White Publications To Stop Covering Him

  1. As someone in the field i have suspected illness YEARS ago. I would say he has a personality disorder (narcissistic or paranoid) as well as debilitating anxiety. (With the behavior he displays is what i see)

  2. Kingsmen White I think this is a case of a celebrity manipulating the media and public….again. Kanye and his Kardashian family are experts. We realize that by saying he doesn’t want media coverage…the absolute opposite will happen. Also we have to acknowledge that Kanye doesn’t speak to black media. He does radio because he makes albums, but when is the last time Kanye spoke to Ebony or Essence or XXL or even any AA online blogs? Kanye has always alienated himself from black media…well after the sucess of his first album. (At first he was down with us lol) His allegiance to black media went out the window with his love for black women awhile back. So while I think Kanye is frustrated with white media, his antics are more used to manipulate and get attention than they are for an actual “stand”. Kanye’s publicity has allowed him to do fashion and he knows he needs media. He isn’t a fool. The entire Kardashian fortune has been made on the backs of mainstream media. So lets not hold our breath on this one. By denying some…you may yourself a higher priority for others.

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