Butter + Brown Media Luncheon in Atlanta


Adapted from the beloved web series, Butter + Brown is a new kind of cooking show, now on aspireTV! Executive produced by Issa Rae and Chef G. Garvin, Butter + Brown creators and hosts Seth Brundle and Leslie Antonoff showcase creative ways to prepare fantastic food and tasty cocktails with popular ingredients viewers are likely to have on hand.

Seth and Leslie share more of their personal recipes and have even more fun on season 3! They elevate everyday meals and show viewers how easy it is to cook them at home. Viewers will not only enjoy a great, simple cooking experience, but will also be entertained by the duo’s funny anecdotes, witty banter, and surprise guests that pop in.

Check out some fun pics from the ATL Luncheon with the cast of Butter+Brown.

Seth and Leslie
Gift Bags from Aspire TV

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