Dear Alpha Female Its Not Him It’s You…..


Dear Alpha Female Its Not Him It’s You is a love letter for today’s career woman struggling with romance.

Valentines Day is a little over a week away, but many women have started celebrating their sister friendships with Galentine’s Day. Best-selling author Christal Jordan says the holiday dedicated to sisterly affection was the perfect release date for her highly anticipated new book ‘Dear Alpha Female: It’s not him, it’s You!’

The book is an interactive guide that takes 21st century single women on a journey to self-appreciation by coaching them through the roles they play in their love lives. Jordan describes the book as a “love letter wrapped in accountability” and shares much of her personal testimony as a career woman who identifies with the “alpha female” and struggled with finding and maintaining a romantic relationship despite achieving success in other areas of her life.

‘Love can’t exist without accountability and at some points in my life I needed to be held accountable in areas where I was struggling,’ she shares. A celebrity publicist by trade, Jordan says at the times her business was being touted as one of the premiere PR agencies in the southeast, she was secretly dealing with anxiety and high functioning depression. While her areas of weakness did not show up in her ability to serve clients and lead a staff of five, it did affect her dating life. After going through a painful divorce, Jordan was single for a little over a decade before a girlfriend told her she needed to get help.

That help included being a guest on ‘Iyanla: Fix my Life’, where she was held accountable for her contribution to her singleness. “Ms. Vanzant immediately cut through my exterior and spoke to that little girl inside me that believed she needed to “over-achieve’ to prove her worth. I’d never loved myself unconditionally; I told myself I had to perform at a certain level or else.” After her encounter with Iyanla Vanzant, Jordan went back to therapy and ended up getting married a year and a half later.

Today Jordan says she cringes hearing women boast and brag about their accomplishments suggesting their financial and or career success make them a “perfect catch”. “So many of us have bought into the idea that money, accolades or materialistic things make us worthy of love and then are disappointed and ultimately bitter when those achievements don’t reward us with a loving relationship. The truth is we have to love ourselves differently, finding value in just being our authentic selves. When we are unbalanced we don’t leave an open space for real love.”

Jordan hopes ‘Dear Alpha Female’ will serve as a cautionary epiphany to ambitious women everywhere.

In this thought-provoking devotional, readers will be confronted with questions (Will your life end if you never get married? Are you considered a failure if you don’t have children?) that encourage them to take inventory of their values and do away with toxic beliefs that may be holding them back from attracting the love they desire.

I wrote this book because I truly believe I am not my sister’s keeper, I am my sister,” says Jordan, who remarried last year after spending over a decade as a divorced, single working mom. “It’s time to allow those over-achieving little girls inside of us to relax. We have to let her know she’s carried us this far, but it’s time for her to exhale. It’s time for her to let go of her fear. It’s time for her to be loved unconditionally. It’s time for her to grow.”

TLC’s Chilli, a close friend and client of Jordan’s provides the foreword for the book.

‘Dear Alpha Female It’s Not Him It’s You’ is slated for release on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 in celebration of Galentine’s Day 2023. The book available on, Walmart, Barnes & Noble booksellers and more.

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