The Baloom Face Massager

BALOOM’s Microcurrent Face Massager presents best-in-class dermatological technology by combining microcurrent and vibrating functions to reach beneath the superficial layers of the skin, deep down to the hard to reach facial muscles. This technology provides a non-invasive, injection-free and painless face-lift at home in just ten minutes a day. Microcurrent therapy sends low-voltage electrical currents, which mimic natural currents, through the superficial layers of your skin, down to the facial muscles to work out the muscles. The electrical pulses and vibrations work to tone the muscles in the face and with consistent use, sculpts, firms and tones your skin.

The microcurrents also stimulate collagen production to improve facial contour and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The rollers of the BALOOM Microcurrent Face Massager are designed to mimic thumbs to emulate a facial acupressure experience. The distinctive zinc alloy used for the rollers allows for a light weight durable device that is easy to grip and maneuver. The BALOOM Microcurrent Face Massager will be a staple in your skincare routine for younger, glowing skin!

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