Ne-Yo swindled out of $4.5M by manager

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In papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court, Shaffer Smith – aka Ne-Yo – says his “manager, confidant, trusted adviser and friend” Kevin Foster swindled him out of $4.5 million.

The “Sexy Love” singer says he was first introduced to Foster back in 2005, and Foster convinced him to let the accounting company he was then working for “handle all of Smith’s business management and accounting needs.”

Foster’s job was to manage the star’s bank accounts, “ensure Smith was financially situated as to maintain his accustomed lifestyle for the remainder of his life, protect Smith from financial ruin, and mitigate risk of frivolous spending.”

The suit seeks the return of the $4.5 million – plus the $3.5 million in fees Ne-Yo paid Foster over the years.


Neyo and Kingsmen

16 thoughts on “Ne-Yo swindled out of $4.5M by manager

  1. I can’t believe he would lose all that before he noticed something. Sounds like it’s all bad! he can sue him but he won’t see any of that money back. he paid him $3.5 million ver ute years plus the other. $4.5 million that was mismanaged and stolen ??? wow

  2. Has nothing to do with it Bro. He a slave to Hollywood as well as Entertainment! He has no control. You will see him out in movies or back on the chart list soon. If he will offer his soul back on the devils altar. Pray that’s all they take and that he stays clear of whatever they wanted him to do in Jesus Christ Holy Name Amen .

  3. Right Rod, also they are dealing with situation totally diff than avg man….got acct firm, managers (some have more 1), public relations firm…..you are authorizing, signing away…….not even sure of all details……smh!

  4. This happens to these folks all the time. Fantasia didn’t know she was broke until she tried to buy a pizza. Financial illiteracy. If I were a performer in the industry my mama would oversee my books. PERIOD. (Queen of budgeting) The lack of interest to monitor your own money is just idiotic to me. You’re overseeing my finances, but I am going to know and understand whether by books are straight or not. I’M RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TAXES.

  5. Feel bad for but its a lesson for, watch where its going, dont just assume people will always treat you fairly….he saw all that money and his cut wasnt enough! He wanted it ALL!!!!

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