Brothers Keeper: Giving Blankets/Clothes to the Homeless in Atlanta

We just came from Downtown Atlanta giving out new blankets and clothes to the homeless. Every year the event grows bigger and bigger with more donations and volunteers. We are our brothers keepers and we will continue to stand up and provide for people in need. We had a chance to talk to some the people and find out what happened in life that made them lose their home and end up on the streets.
Some said drugs while some are dealing with different mental issues and some just fell on bad times and lost everything. This Christmas when you are sitting down with your family and eating dinner in your warm cozy home just say a prayer for the homeless!!

Special thanks to Mr. Jerry Gresham, Kelly, and Toyota of Atlanta for teaming up with Us for a second year. Thanks to my Kingsmen Fam (Darlene, Denise,Dionna, Dino, Hani, and shadai. A special thank you to Diane Regular-Lay, Colin, Keland, and Tone Simmons.

Check out some photos from today’s event!













10 thoughts on “Brothers Keeper: Giving Blankets/Clothes to the Homeless in Atlanta

  1. Amen… Colin,What I like about The KMG & Fly Like an Eagle ent. Is that know matter what God tells these men & women of God to do they hop right on it. They feel that ” There are no unimportant people in the body of Christ ” and are willing to help out all men kind.

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