According to a ROCK SOLID SOURCE – Shawn “Jay Z” Carter along with a group of investors that includes NY Knicks star Carmelo Anthony are currently NEGOTIATING TO BUY Hot 97 radio station. Talks are still early, but we’re told that both sides have HIRED LAWYERS and INVESTMENT BANKERS – and are serious in getting a deal done.


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4 thoughts on “Jay Z Buying Hot 97 Radio Station?? Check This Out”
  1. Naw Kisha Simmons. It goes back to Flex accusing Jay of stealing his digital phone app idea and amongst other things with Cam’Ron & Dip Set. Jay doesn’t allow Dip Set music in his 40/40 Clubs. Especially Atlantic City. The issue with Cam goes back to the Roc-a-Fella days.

  2. If this deals goes through, Funk Master Flex will be sick with it! This is the ultimate business 48 Laws of Power move on Jay’s part in regards to Flex! #Law15 But all in all, great power move across the board!

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