Super Bowl XLIX: Who will Win???


Super Bowl!!!! Who will win??? Which side are you on????? Will the New England Patriots capture their fourth Lombardi Trophy? Or will the Seattle Seahawks defend their title? Who will steal the spotlight? Which moment will be talked about for years? Our analysts attempt to predict the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX.

37 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIX: Who will Win???”

  1. Harry Douglas & Nfl AtlantaFalcons Jonathan Babineaux Kingsmen White Trying to start trouble! I’m neutral! But you know Sly KingsmenMedia White Repping them Falcons bussing at my Niners!

  2. I’m not worried Bout anything these people are saying sly lol. None of em are Seahawks fans they r just cheering for em since their team is no longer in it! #realtalk

  3. If I wasn’t friends with H.D. & J.B. I would buss back at them Falcons, but them the homies though! They show love! That’s why I won’t tag them Kingsmen White! Lol!

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