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The piano and saxophone player accused Jay of using his instrumental “On The Way” for the Magna Carta Holy Grail track. The two parties were engaged in an 18-month legal fight over the song until Jay reportedly admitted to lifting the tune a few months ago.

In January 2014, Spoerri told SwissInfo he believed the Brooklyn emcee could have gotten permission to use “On The Way” for “Versus” if he would have simply asked.

“In a way I’m flattered that a relatively young rapper takes a sample from an old man, a sample that is about 35 years old,” said Spoerri. “On the other hand I’m furious because it would have been so simple to clear the sample. All it would have needed was a call or an email to the company and I think it would have been relatively cheap.”

Timbaland is credited as the producer on “Versus.” The song also samples A Tribe Called Quest’s “Sucka N***a.”


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8 thoughts on “Jay Z agrees to Pay Musician Half of Royalties for BORROWED Music”
  1. Truth..I often tell artist to just clear the sample. However when ur on Jay and Tim’s level those things slip through the cracks. What this musician is saying is true. However…it is good they agree to take care of him. Good business breeds longevity.

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