Janelli took to Instagram to upload a family pic of the blended group, with the following words to media, fans and spectators alike:
What the world thought was breaking news or drama we already knew months ago and me you and him [Chinx] were handling it privately and respectfully. I thank you for being classy, respectful and making this journey as easy as it can possibly be. The long convos, the lunch n dinner dates have helped me and I will forever be here for you and Liam!! We had it figured out before we lost an angel and we will continue to hold it down as we gain another one #welcomebabyLiam P.S. Your friends and family are awesome and I had a great tim!! [kisses, hearts and crown emoji] #TrishBabyShowe #WeDoItForTheKids #RunNTellThat #Chinx #HisLegacy #Queens

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5 thoughts on “Chinx’s Wife Attends His Girlfriends Baby Shower”
  1. Pretty brave of her. That’s why she’s ba wife. Very loyal and seems like an phenomenal Woman. I would not be celebrating adultery. I would support the baby. Men are falling. I salute her. She is an example of what Men should do. She’s a bravehart. These men are sick. Its not an opinion sadly, it’s all factual. I wish I could be praising them.

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