The lawsuit, which is seeking $10 million in punitive damages for multiple counts, also claims Gordon committed “domestic violence on Brown, including punching her in the face, knocking out a front tooth, and dragging her upstairs by her hair.”
Gordon’s lawyer did not return ABC News’ request for comment about the lawsuit. Gordon did tweet a message of hope for Brown Wednesday, which is now protected and blocked from the public.


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15 thoughts on “Nick Gordon Sued for Abusing Bobbi and Stealing from her Bank Account ”
  1. Yes it is documented of physical abuse and drug abuse between Nick and Bobbi Kristina. She had bruises and a tooth knocked out when they got her to the hospital, which is why Nick was not allowed to see her. Now they know of $11,000 he took from her account, he probably got way more than that over the time they were together. He has some serious problems, delusional, drug abuser, woman abuser and that was just a preview how he behaved on Dr. Phil. Notice we haven’t heard anything else from him? They are waiting…if Bobbi Kris should pass, the prosecution will take the case and file charges against him, and perhaps the other young man who found her.

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