Floyd Mayweather Highest Paid Celebrity on Forbes 2015 List! Check out Who Made the List

Photo Credit: Kingsmen Media
 Diddy (#21, $60 M), Jay Z (#28, $56 M), Drake (#54, $39.5 M), Dr. Dre (#73, $33 M), Pharrell Williams (#78, $32 M), and Eminem (#82, $31 M) made the list of extremely wealthy famous people. Other notable entertainers included Beyoncé at #29 with $54.5 million, Bruno Mars at #52 with $40 million, Kevin Hart at #95 with $28.5 million, and Jennifer Lopez at #95 with $28.5 million.
Floyd Mayweather topped the list.  The boxing champion made $300 million. He was followed by his recent opponent Manny Pacquiao at number two with $160 million. Fellow sports stars LeBron James (#18, $65 M), Kevin Durant (#30, $54 M), Tiger Woods (#37, $50.5 M), Ndamukong Suh (#57, $38.5 M), Derrick Rose (#69, $34 M), and Carmelo Anthony (#86, $30.5 M) are part of the tally as well.

Source: AllHipHop

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