NY Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul Right Index Finger Amputated


Today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter shared medical documents showing that JPP had his right index finger amputated today (July 8). As bad as that sounds, the decision to remove the finger was done in order for the Pro Bowl player be able to return to the field as soon as possible. Currently in the recovery phase, JPP has a timetable of 2 months to be able to get back onto the field. Coming off a season where he raked in 12.5 sacks, the world will see how effective he can be moving forward.
Another interesting point of contention to the story is Pierre-Paul rejecting the Giants hospital visit, as well as refusing any of their medical assistance. The animosity could be related to the retraction of the large $60M contract, as well as the team placing the franchise tag on him. A contract he has yet to sign. It will be interesting to see how things play out given the circumstances.

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