This option is to serve as an alternative to completely blocking your ex-husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. The feature works by allowing you to remove your name from any past posts that you were tagged or mentioned in after changing your relationship status to avoid being reminded of the “time you once shared” in cyberspace. More details have yet to be released on what features this protective service has to offer, but Facebook Product Manager Kelly Winters, wrote in a blog post that, “This work is part of our efforts to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives.”


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3 thoughts on “FACEBOOK TO Launch the ‘BreakUp’ Feature ”
  1. It’s crazy cuz facebook is playing evybody like puppets, cuz to tell the truth nobody should be putting there business on the internet anyways, but somehow they’ve managed to convince evybody to tell their personal business,and their innermost thoughts and everything else, last thing I remember is your diary or journal is supposed to be kept to yourself, but maybe im trippin

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