Breaking News: Meek Mill Sentenced to…House Arrest

Meek will wear an ankle monitor for 90 days and can’t work. He will be on probation for 6 years.

21 thoughts on “Breaking News: Meek Mill Sentenced to…House Arrest

  1. John Gautier Sam Lothard he made some $ last year and raised his stakes. When we get to that level it’s about having the right people around us so we can make $, give back, and provide for our family but one wrong move can throw it all away

    1. Have a studio in the house bang out music sell it online. FIND A WAY. He a millionaire aint he? He eating better then me not on house arrest. shiiiiii……

    1. Time away from his family he can’t get back. A career can bounce back if its marketed right. We all know Plies aint bout that life but he still good. lol

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