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Katt Williams Locked Up…AGAIN! For Assaulting Bodyguard 

Comedian Katt Williams is facing assault charges in Hall County for the second time this year.
Hall County deputies say Williams and several of his associates beat up one of Williams’ bodyguards who refused to “engage in criminal activity as directed by Williams.


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67 thoughts on “Katt Williams Locked Up…AGAIN! For Assaulting Bodyguard 

  1. Sad that y’all think that you don’t have to sale your soul to get air time. Well you do it’s deeper that movies any one can rap or act. Why do you think the bad make it in ent but the activist get murdered “Michael Jackson ” or in jail ” DMX ” old heads wake up the media don’t gaf about us! The just tryna stop the exposure of secret society’s like JFK tried to tell y’all about 50 yrs ago but y’all talking down on Katt when he’s following the same movement! Wake up!

  2. I mean this in the most sincerest way possible. People have to study more than just facebook and articles that the media releases. Dave Chappell never ran to Africa, but you read the article, so it must be true?!

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